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FVDE MIDI CC Controller

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Key Features

4x 100mm Alpine Alps Faders

14-bit (high-res) MIDI

Faders and buttons are fully programmable

Visual info/feedback from display

Silicone buttons are illuminated (each of the four programmable banks has a different color)

Smooth fader feel with just enough resistance, for detailed midi cc input

USB Powered (no additional power supply needed)

Compact enough to travel with but solid build quality and uncluttered design

Please Note: Faders are not motorized


Custom Made Walnut Side Panels

Custom Made Steel Enclosure

Custom Made Illuminated Silicone Buttons

Premium LED Display

Premium Fader Caps


159mm width x 216mm length

18mm high at the front

45mm high at the back

Shipping & Returns

Please note, that the product may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed (e.g. handling fees) by customs. Any such additional charges and shipping fees are not included in the price.

All sales are final.

Batch #2 is ready for pre-sale! FVDE is a fully programmable and dedicated MIDI CC controller, specifically made with the needs of professional composers and producers in mind. An uncluttered design with timeless and classy aesthetics whilst retaining all the features you'd expect and need.

FVDE is custom made in the UK and not a mass produced product. The unit will be available in limited runs only and can be ordered now!

Custom Desktop App

Fully programmable: FVDE comes with a custom made software app (both available for Windows or MacOS) that allows to program FVDE to fit any workflow.